Hi, I'm Marius.

I'm a developer who enjoys working on meaningful projects with some nice people.

Imagetrace of Marius

Nice to meet you.

I believe that technology can make the world a better place and I know my contribution can make a difference in solving real-world problems. I am always open for opportunities to work on projects that improve and ease the life of people around me.

Studying International Communication Management in Den Haag, learning about integrated marketing, design thinking, user research, and campaign management fostered my critical and creative thinking - and while emersed in Dutch culture, I fell in love with The Netherlands.

Building on that, I followed my passion for problem-solving. Coding. I love the satisfaction of creating something that didn't exist that morning. I love the constant learning, that there is no limit to improving myself. And, I love the development community, understanding how others think and solve complex issues.

I am based in Amsterdam and when I don't stare at a screen I enjoy biking, cooking, movies and football.

Please feel free to say hi!